As the Ant-Man and the Wasp is almost showing, there are plenty of things to be revealed about the movie while there are few questions left that need an answer from the first sequel. In the first movie, we have heard about Quantum Realm, the place where Janet van Dyne was trapped for decades and there is a great speculation that the original Wasp (Janet van Dyne) may turns out to a villain.

Base on reliable source, the Ant-Man 2 will reveal more the mystery of Quantum Realm. For the upcoming movie Hope, Scott and Hank will try to journey to the Quantum Realm in order to rescue Janet. We can speculate now that Janet is alive but because she was trapped in Quantum Realm, and there will be huge changes that will surely affect the supeheroes especially relation between Janet, Hank and Hope. While we have no idea about the new villain named Ghost, there is a great chance that Janet and the Ghost might be related to each other. Yes it is true that we have no idea what Ghost can do, but surely she will show her colors in the movie.

I think it is very hard for Janet, especially when she is out of reach from people and stayed in Quantum Realm for 30 years and we don’t know what its impact on her is. There are plenty of vague things we don’t know about the twists of the story of Ant-Man2.

After the disappearance of Janet in the Quantum Realm, Scott Lang or Ant-Man was supposedly a replacement of Hank Pym as the predecessor of his technology in order to stop bad guys. Maybe Hank Pym must cope the disappearance of her wife by not exposing himself to size-changing suit and must hire Scott Lang to continue his agenda to come back to Quantum Realm and hopefully rescue Janet. We don’t know if the Quantum Realm is the only idea which the Ant-Man & the Wasp revolves since we are also expecting about Ghost appearance and the havoc she will do. This mysterious location which was revealed by Kevin Feige and other Marvel personnel will play a big role in the upcoming movies of the MCU. I think there will be more superheroes which will stumble in Quantum Realm like for instance Dr. Strange and Captain Marvel.

Back in the days where Hank and Janet used to be the superheroes as Ant-Man and the Wasp and the accident happened when Janet’s size-changing regulator was damage and made her shrunk into a smallest thing even reaching a microverse or also known as the Quantum Realm. This goes to show she continues to shrink down, nonetheless we have seen her photo and this implies that she get used to her environment.

Of course, as of now we don’t know what is her role in the Ant-Man & the Wasp streaming français, nonetheless as Michelle Pfeiffer who will play her role, we can expect a good story about her. With Scott Lang expertise in using his tech, he may be the key in rescuing Janet. In the movie they will get some indication that Janet is alive and they will team up together and get Janet out of Quantum Realm. While it is true that Janet did not escape from the Quantum Realm, we believe that team Ant-Man will be successful in bringing her out of the microverse. There are plenty of things can happen in the movie and we will look forward to it.

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