Number 2 on our list is Deadpool 2. Yes, Deadpool 2 is scheduled to open May 18th! Now, as far as we can remember, this movie came in with so much surprise! Indeed, who would’ve expected it to be such a massive hit for an R-rated film? Oh, yeah, sorry girls, we cannot see much of Reynold’s sculpts here, but his charm is undyingly obvious and laid out even with his full body mask on! They really were doing a good job on the first movie, and heck, we cannot just sit down and relax while waiting for the second movie! Because why? We are expecting it to be even better than the first! Talk about leaving an impression to the viewers, huh?

I know we still have hang ups with Infinity War (even Black Panther), but for sure, what, in three weeks time, we’ll be hungry again! This time, for Deadpool!

Now, it has been said that Deadpool 2 will almost certainly beat the first film when it comes to opening weeken ds. We’ll see about that. Remember, the first movie was narrowly below The Passion of the Christ for highest -grossing R-rated film of all time! Hhhmmm…

The Deadpool 2 trailer gives us a glimpse of what’s in store for us; the new faces, the humor of course, and just how nutty this second movie is going to be!

Basically, the plot here is about our sociopathic Wade Wilson trying to save a boy mutant from Cable, who was trying to kill him. This boy has some awesome mutant powers. Wade Wilson forms a group he calls the X-Force, with his friends, old and new, as members, in his efforts to keep the boy alive. These friends of Wilson’s are ready to kick some ass.

Now, a little background about Cable here. In all of Marvel comics, he’s a character that possesses the most complicated back stories. He was subsequently recognized as the child of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (a clone of Jean Grey). He got an infection with deadly techno-virus due to machinations involving villainous Apocalypse and Mister Sinister. He was sent to the future for the cure to save him. Cable is a mutant with incredible telekinetic and telepathic abilities and grew up incredibly strong, taking the name Cable. His real name is Nathan Summers. He ultimately time traveled to the past in order to try and right the world and prevent a dreadful future. And in this movie, he’s coming back for the child, it is so possible that this child may be causing the mess of the very future Cable is so desperate to change.

And oh, noticed the teddy bear attached to Cable’s hip? Now that’s something to really look forward to! Exciting! And this character is best played by Josh Brolin who has already proven himself from Jonah Hex, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Men in Black 3, Oldboy, and the latest is of course, Thanos! Now, this is really something to raise up our excitements even higher!

Of course, we can expect a bloodier and more violent scenes here. But here’s something that we can look forward to in the coming years. It has been said that X-force most definitely is something that is coming together down the pike in a few years (along with Deadpool 3).
We’ll see to that. But now, we’ll just focus on what will be laid on our plate for Deadpool 2 on the 18th!

If you have watch the first movie it was comical and this deadpool 2 streaming is still the same but what I really like from this movie is the funny clip and the conversion. That’s important to me. I hate drama, since life is already having that. I always looking for a funny stuff on movie that is why this one is very much appealing to me, superb stuff to watch for

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