This summer will be a great thing for you to enjoy wonderful movie. The good news is you can have the latest movie titled Mission Impossible: Fallout starred by our very own Tom Cruise.

Ethan Hunt is back for another mission that will let him decide which comes first, duty or those who value his life. How long will he had enough? Paramount and Skydance, the company behind this movie will surely give us another hearth throbbing action from the best action star Tom Cruise together with Alec Baldwin who played the role of Alan Hunley. This time, it’s Alan who gives Ethan Hunt a mission. Ethan was told by Hunley that he had a terrible choice to make in Berlin one life over millions. It is like that this man he is hunting down is very important person but somehow must be eliminated in order to save millions of lives. In other words, he must have to follow his instinct or any moral to finish the mission.

The trailer seems so vague, because this is how the mind of the marketing strategy works in order for them to capture the attention of the fans of Mission Impossible. Mission Impossible movies seem so full of puzzle but at the end, as long as Ethan Hunt carried out his mission, we are satisfied to that. Nevertheless, as the title itself, we can expect that MIF will show the true of the people behind the mission and what are the thoughts of that handler of Ethan.

Another line in the movie trailer says “this is CIA’s mission if he had held on to the plutonium; we would not be having this conversation.” I think this line is not really clear what kind of mission the CIA is giving to an agent whether it is Agent Ethan Hunt or the other. One thing is certain, when the story involves with plutonium, the CIA must take action in order to stop some crazy politicians or insane madman who wants to start a World War 3. Now after that line, there is another one that says “this team would be dead”. We all know that Ethan Hunt will not work alone since he has his elite team giving him the preparation to the impossible task giving to him. His team is elite people who are working in the shadows in order to keep the world safe. In case their identities will be revealed, they will disavowed by their agencies and Ethan certainly don’t like it.

Imagine those who are in higher ranking officials will tell other higher ranking official that the job of the agent is to die. Now, that’s the thing Ethan Hunt will not like the most. In the trailer, there is this Agent Faust who I think was sent by other agency to get Ethan Hunt but she respects Ethan that’s why she’s warning him then Ethan told her to walk away. But later on in the movie trailer, they have some kind of confrontation and Ethan who is inside the car run over to hit Faust as she was riding a motorbike pointing her firearm to him.

The trailer of this movie looks promising, especially when Julia the wife of Ethan is now looking for him and asks Luther Stickell about him. This movie will be greatly progress to reveal the nature of the story and to give answers to vague questions viewers should experience while watching the movie. The story of Mission Impossible: Fallout may seem not be simple, however we can always come into conclusion that the movie will become a blockbuster. People will always love MI movies. So, if you are ready for the next movie of Tom Cruise then stay tune for Mission Impossible: Fallout.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018) – Helicopter Stunt Behind The Scenes – Paramount Pictures

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