Every year, we are all up to what’s gonna be the most anticipated movies that will rock the cinemas the whole year round. Admit it, we’re into so much of this hype that if only we can be the first to be there on premieres, it would be the most awesome thing to post on IG!

We’ve already moved on from Fifty Shades Freed, and this time, the superheroes are taking the stage with force! The hype for the Infinity War is still on! Hush! Some have not seen it yet and spoilers are not advised!

What else to watch out for? We’ll give you ten of the best movies to watch out for to make your year 2018 one of a kind!

Who is strong enough to resist the charisma of the atomic blonde, Charlize Theron? She has been a successful villain in two The Huntsman movies, and now, this sophisticated lady is gonna give us the mixture of emotions of motherhood. Charlize will be the protagonist of the movie, Tully, scheduled to show on May 4, Friday.

The story revolves around the viewpoint of Marlo, (Charlize Theron), who got pregnant (unplanned) at the age of 40. Her pregnancy causes a mess on her career, her marriage, and her being a mom to her other two kids.  Struggling to take care of her two kids (one is 8, now starting to self-doubt, the other is 5, labeled as quirky for unnamed development disorder and is about to get kicked  out of elementary school), her wealthy brother, Craig (Mark Duplass), gets her a nanny nurse to help her ease the burden. Not wanting to trust her kids to strangers, Marlo resists at first. But she finally gives in after all the sleepless nights, working round the clock in between changing diapers, feedings, and breast-pumping.

Tully (Mackenzie Davis), the nanny, came in. She’s 26 years old, a hipster Mary Poppins in a crop top with a magic touch for babies, and seemingly limitless energy to help strengthen their mothers.

With Tully’s arrival, Marlo is now able to see herself as human again, rather than a feeding equipment for her baby, and have more time for her two kids during the day as she can now have her needed rest. The two bond during 2 AM reruns of Gigolos, and Marlo gets to revisit her younger self, those hopes and dreams of the past when she was Tully’s age.

Now this movie’s strength lies on Diablo Cody’s signature in harmony of mixed emotions. Yes, there are funny – often silly – moments, but the film lies mostly on the darker side of the scale. The first half of the movie, we can witness how a woman descends into her own personal hell, desperate for some kind of help, and lonely to the point of madness. I know hands-on moms will agree to this. Post-partum depression is a reality. Back to the movie, Drew, Marlo’s husband, on the other hand, like many fathers, just has no idea what his wife is going through and doesn’t ask. He buries himself on a video game every  night.

I say, thanks to Cody for lending her own personal experience into this film, as she is also a mother of three, makes the screenplay more credible for the aspect of motherhood that we almost not get to see onscreen.


For the story to convey the real feeling of a new mother struggling her own body in order to get through her day, Theron gained almost 50 pounds for this movie.  She has to face those small hostilities daily starting on her pregnancy, like when the lady informs her when she orders at a coffee shop — you know there’s still traces of caffeine in decaf — is already a difficult situation.

For someone who is not a mother, surely will ask, why would anyone ever want to go through this?

I will leave the ending up to you. No worries, the film closes on a hopeful note.

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