The psyche of pop punk

S: Why isn't your hair alike all spiked up and bleached and stuff liek that? There's not as many chains. I mean, come on, what's the deal here?

DF: Wait, what Lookout person do you know that's like that? Did you just see Avail or something?

S: No, well there's always Avail, but uh, hmmmm. Well, they who wear the Lookout shirts and go to the shows dress up...

DF: The whole trying to look like you're a member of the cast of Suburbia is kind of lame; you wear your costume even though it's not Halloween and you sit on the Telegraph Avenue and say spare change, spare change. But there are a lot of people on Lookout that actually don't sit on Telegraph Avenue with their receding mohawks and say spare change, spare change. You know, what we do is just sit at home and watch television. And most of the bands and people I know on Lookout are just like us. They're just like regular TV watching losers- except the Hi-Fives who dress really swell.

S: You guys have a new album coming out sometime?

DF: Yeah, we just finished recording the new LP just before we left on this tour. It's called Love is Dead and it's coming out early January. Sixteen songs. Mostly punk rock.

S: Do you have a job besides this?

DR: Up until pretty recently I did and I quit it because of all this stuff. I didn't quit it for any reason other than I couldn't keep doing it and leaving. I had to leave for two months, and they weren't going to let me do that again, so I had to quit. Currently right now I'm a professional deadbeat, but I foresee I might have to find some kind of a job sometime coming up here.

S: I think that's all our qustions

DF: I'm really sorry that you guys can't, uh, get in here.

S: That's okay. It's a pattern. We interviewed Ian MacKaye yesterday, but we couldn't get into that show either, so.

DF: Oh really? It's a tradition.

S: Yeah we'll be the first zine that interviews people but doesn't go to the shows

DF: You couldn't get into that because it was sold out?

S: Yeah. Scalper outside though. Could have had a ticket for twenty-six bucks.

DF: Twenty-six bucks?

S: As opposed to six...

DF: It's weird man how many people the Dickies draw. Sometimes it's huge. Last night was huge. Amazing. Last night was at the Whiskey and it was like total jam-packed. But then some places just no one comes. I don't know what this is going to be like. I've always kind of wondered if we just did this alone and it was cheaper. Whether that would be better or worse.